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During the 16th century Ming Dynasty, the Chinese blew powdered smallpox scabs up the noses of the healthy, who would develop a mild case of the disease before becoming immune to it. Source


Los Angeles Times: The NFL is entering into a long-term partnership to provide financial, operational and promotional support to two of the country’s leading services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, according to a memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

In the two-page memo, which was distributed Thursday to the league’s 32 teams, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell writes that starting this season “we will dedicate significant resources to raise awareness on the subjects of domestic violence and sexual assault, including support for victims.”

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If your storage limit is pretty crummy, you can buy flash drives shaped like little pieces of toast, and a USB toaster hub to keep them warm. Source


My friend Maggie, at the young age of 34, just found out she has a twin, and now it’s up to all of us to help her find them!

I love a mystery!

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On the phone with my friend in korea and he’s explaining to me in english that he must stop smoking because he doesn’t want to become impotent. 

Walking down Gangnam street he says (in english) “I must stop smoking for my dick. My dick is important. If my dick does the broken I cannot sex.”

and I hear in absolute plain english behind him “WHAT” 

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't see how Digimon is even in the same league as pokemon or better? So please explain why you think that?
italktotherain italktotherain Said:


……Okay if you insist for the record I love BOTH Pokemon and Digimon and the Pokemon games are better but this is about the creature and shows. but I’ll say the 3 main reasons why I like Digimon better
*cracks fingers* 

1) You don’t have to FORCE your Digimon to like youimage

they already have formed a bond with you and will protect you to the end. Hell you can have full conversations with your Digimon. Besides your starters you get Pokemon by BEATING, DAMAGING, AND INJURING THEM to the point they cannot fight back image

and then you catch them and force them to be yours so you can make them fight like Michael Vick.image

2) Digimon dont stay transformed: When a pokemon evolves unless its a Mega Evolution they are stuck like that. What if I prefer Charmander over Charmeleon huh lol But when Digimon Digivolve they can go to whatever form and stay in it for as long as they have energy. 



3) You can fuse with your Digimon and get in on the Action: For pokemon you are telling them to attack, for digimon they do it on their own and when its tough you could be like. Hey lemme get in on the action. image

 and Kickass as True Partners.



From digimon-adventure.net:

When the waves below the pier begin to sway with the morning sunlight.

A swift motion stops the alarm.
Kicking off the twisted bedsheets, he stretches his arms and legs.

The sunlight peeks in from the curtains, hitting his desk spotlighting a group of photographs taken on “that day”

"have a good day"
Hearing a voice sending him off from behind, he hurriedly heads out the door.

As he looks up from his bicycle, the blue summer sky lies before him…

Taichi, 17, High school days.

Once again,
the adventure evolves